November is a month of heavy focused writing for me, which is all about public accountability so I thought I’d post it on here:

Six key rules:

• Decide on a goal that’s word, time or task based (and stretches you)

• Publicly declare said goal (this gives you a push from the start)

• Draft a strategy (planning in advance will focus you)

• Openly discuss your problems and progress

• Don’t slack off

• Declare your results at the end

My goals are to write for 5 hours a day on work days (Monday through Thursday), plus enough extra writing to add up to 30 hours a week. And to write 30,000 words total, which is 1,000 words a day! Gulp. If I do that, I should end up with a solid chapter to use for fellowship application in the spring, and to show to my committee. I’ll have to check back here December 1 and report how it went!


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