Not urban, but a look at national degrees of “austerity” by the numbers. The Economist looks

All the numbers are as a per cent of GDP and all represent tighter policy.

2012                 2013

France                                      1.1                    2.1

Germany                                 0.3                   0.5

Greece                                     2.2                    2.8

Ireland                                     1.1                    2.1

Italy                                          3.3                     1.3

Netherlands                           1.1                     1.4

Portugal                                   3.1                     2.0

Spain                                         3.5                     2.4

Over the two years, Spain clearly has the biggest squeeze, with Portugal and Greece not far behind. But note that Francois “anti-austerity” Hollande is imposing the third-strongest squeeze next year.  In terms of projected deficits, Ireland is the clear outlier, at 7.5% of GDP next year but Portugal, Greece and Spain would all be on course to breach the old Maastricht 3% limit.

via The euro zone crisis: The tightest purses | The Economist.