What this is about

I am a researcher, writer, and teacher living in the Bay Area. I am a recovering academic straddling several worlds: the university, the street, the blank page, and the many rooms in which the public is made and remade every day.

Research: My research focus includes workforce development, public finance, urban politics, labor markets, and public education. I have led research projects on workforce development policy and program administration, economic development policy, and low-wage labor markets. I am currently a Policy Research Specialist at the UC Berkeley Labor Center, studying how technology and changes in the labor market are affecting the public sector. —My research—

Writing: I write about a lot of things, some serious and some less so. I am passionate about understanding why we normalize public scarcity, especially amid so much private affluence. I also like synthesizing important research into useful briefs and editing academic writing of all kinds (that’s the serious stuff). I’m also fascinated by how we see ourselves in relation to place, by music lyrics, the role of sports in our culture, and how we grieve loss. —My writing—

Teaching: I am a lecturer in City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley. —My teaching—

School Board: I’m also an elected school board member in Albany, California. You can visit my page at www.sara4ausd.com. I write there about what it’s like to try to improve education decisions at the very local level, a path that has been more challenging and inspiring than I imagined.

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